RUN YOUR CITY with Chery South Africa

19 May 2022

One innovative brand deserves another, so it is no surprise that Chery South Africa has chosen to sponsor the Absa RUN YOUR CITY series.

The Absa RUN YOUR CITY series is one of the most popular 10 km road race series in South Africa and it has grown exponentially since the first event was held in 2015.

The series has also evolved from road running only to include a number of mountain bike, trail running and women only races with additional sponsorships from brands such as Savannah, THIRSTI, Fedhealth and Totalsports.

RUN YOUR CITY was created by Michael Meyer and the team at Stillwater Sports.

The first event kicked off last weekend with a 10 km run through Cape Town city. This race, like every other event in the series, has been created to be flat and fast and to travel past well-known landmarks, with entertainment and live performances along the way.

“It is a pleasure to announce this association. We believe that mass participation events such as the Absa RUN YOUR CITY series, is enjoyed by all in South Africa. Chery wants to make a difference in South Africa and wishes to create memorable experiences for all South Africans,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery South Africa.

Chery’s participation in the RUN YOUR CITY series includes the provision of lead and logistical support vehicles and a massive vehicle display for competitors and their friends and family at the registration stations and at the start and finish.

“We were immediately impressed with the team at Stillwater Sports. They have a fresh outlook on outdoor events and believe in quality and professionalism, which are two of our core qualities at Chery South Africa,” says Bianca van Staden, National Marketing and Brand Manager of Chery South Africa.

“We also love the events for their focus on an active lifestyle. Our model range consists exclusively of SUVs, and we believe that your car should enable your active family lifestyle. This is why we decided to sponsor and support the RUN YOUR CITY series,” says Van Staden.

A detailed list of the upcoming events, both for cyclists and runners, is available at Chery South Africa will also keep the public up to date on its social media channels.

Chery has also announced that it has secured a number of tickets and other event-related prizes as part of its sponsorship agreement.

It will share these tickets with customers through the popular #WithCheryWithLove platform as a way of both rewarding its customers and encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle.

“We want to share in each and every customer journey, and take them along on ours,” says Van Staden.

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